Mar 13, 2018

Because girls can be nerds too || Chaotic Good by Whitney Gardner ( A discussion review with Gabrielle )

Today's the official release day of one of my favourite 2018 releases and the sophomore novel of one of the best people ever! Whitney Gardner's amazing story Chaotic Good comes out today, and I teamed up with my fellow Lankan bookworm Gabrielle - go check out her blog everyone - to tell you all why you should read this beautiful story! Also I am really excited because we're doing a little play on Dungeons and Dragons with this review, and have some cool art courtesy of Gabby, so let's get down to business! :D

Title : Chaotic Good
Author : Whitney Gardner
Publisher : Knopf
Release Date : March 13th 2018
Synopsis :
Cameron's cosplay--dressing like a fictional character--is finally starting to earn her attention--attention she hopes to use to get into the CalTech costume department for college. But when she wins a major competition, she inadvertently sets off a firestorm of angry comments from male fans.

When Cameron's family moves the summer before her senior year, she hopes to complete her costume portfolio in peace and quiet away from the abuse. Unfortunately, the only comic shop in town--her main destination for character reference--is staffed by a dudebro owner who challenges every woman who comes into the shop.

At her twin brother's suggestion, Cameron borrows a set of his clothes and uses her costuming expertise to waltz into the shop as Boy Cameron, where she's shocked at how easily she's accepted into the nerd inner sanctum. Soon, Cameron finds herself drafted into a D&D campaign alongside the jerky shop-owner Brody, friendly (almost flirtatiously so) clerk Wyatt, handsome Lincoln, and her bro Cooper, dragged along for good measure.

But as her "secret identity" gets more and more entrenched, Cameron's portfolio falls by the wayside--and her feelings for Lincoln threaten to make a complicated situation even more precarious.

Mar 6, 2018

Ten quotable quotes I love

Out of the bazillion words that make a book, some stand out so much, either because of their meaning, significance, symbolism or just because they're so pretty. Today let's highlight such words, memorable quotes that I have grown to love from the books I've read.

Also, since most quotes seem to grace merch these days, this is also a chance to showcase some gorgeous art and merch!

Feb 19, 2018

Sarah Glenn Marsh talks Reign of the Fallen, queer rep and #ownvoices narratives.

Reign of the Fallen is hands down one of the most exciting releases of 2018. The gloriously queer and beautifully captivating fantasy is a book I'll instantly recommend to everyone. The book's MC Odessa is so badass yet so relatable, and it's impossible not to love her. 

Today we have the author, Sarah Glenn Marsh over at the blog to talk about the book, and she revealed her inspiration, her view on #ownvoices narratives and some exciting insider info!